Jets and helicopters

As far as private jet is concerned, it is generally assumed that only the celebrities or the millionaires can charter and own it but as a matter of fact private flight are being chartered mostly by the business class. Even when it comes to businessman, it is perceived that usually the giants of business can only charter one of these; as a matter of fact that average businessman hire private jet at different occasions and at repeated number of times. Most importantly that most of the people might not know is that the cost of for an aircraft charter is often less than the tickets of a jet liner in some of the cases. People who think that celebrities and big businessman charter private flight in order to travel, they must not be aware of this thing that usually they own their own jets and just for the sake of its maintenance they lend it to the aviation companies or the charter companies, so next time if you think that all the jets are the property of the charter company, consider this reality as well. These charter companies are very much similar to those of the car rental; the reason for this is that these companies just like the car rentals are bounded via the legal bodies and regulations to keep their air craft’s and helicopters in well maintained condition. Helicopters are also being used at times by businessman and some other field men, reason behind charter a helicopter is that these helicopters can reach up to such places where an aircraft can never go and these helicopters also have a an extra ordinary feature by the help of which it can land at some of the most peak points, hardly a pilot of an aircraft can imagine. Charter a helicopter enables the individual to go at about any place and land at any location as it does not require a runway, the only thing that is required in the case of helicopters is a landing pad and that is it. On comparison between the two one may find several differences but that is main reason which makes them to be used for different causes. An aircraft is capable of covering longer distances as compared to that of a helicopter and generally helicopters are used to cover closer distances. Next and a very thing to be considered is the difference in freight between the two. Helicopters for obvious reasons have lesser freight to those of the aircraft’s or jets, one more things that is needed to be mentioned over here is that even the frights of the jets vary greatly as it mainly depends upon the size and capacity of the aircraft and also the condition and the facilities that are being provided with in the aircraft. Coming over the next point which the distance, the freight also differs and varies depending upon the distance it travels; the longer distance and traveling time higher will be the freight.