Vannes France

In France you will find the city of Vannes. This city is located in the Morbihan department of Bretagne in the north west of France. Vannes came into existence over 2000 years ago. The city of Vannes can be found on the Gulf of Morbihan which is situated near the mouth of the Vannes River. As the town is closely linked to the sea you will often see this market town having a good trade being carried out with the river and the nearby sea.

For the people who choose to visit Vannes you will see there are many interesting places you can visit. These will include attractions like the medieval village in Vannes. Here you will see there are several pedestrian and vehicle entrances for people enter and leave the village without any problem. To find good parking space you will need to follow the posted signs on the roads which indicate the way to the port parking area where you will find ample parking.

Next to the Old Town you will see the port which can be accessed via the port side gate which part of the fortified ramparts of the Old Town. Just outside the walls of the Old Town you will find there are several cafes on the port-side. At these cafes you can refresh yourself and quench your thirst and hunger. Inside the Old Town walls, you will find many boutiques and Creperies to explore and shop in.

In addition to seeing these sights of Vannes you might be interested in visiting other places like the Chteau Gaillard which is an archaeological museum, Tour du Conntable which is part of the old city walls, the Muse de la Cohue which is the city of Vanness cultural museum and Htel de Ville to name but a few interesting places you can visit.

Once you have taken the time to absorb these delights you may wish to head over to the Eglise which can be found in the old village at the top of the hill. As with many parts of Vannes you will see the square in the Eglise is often the site where local musicians come and entertain passing visitors. The cobblestone streets are used for costumed parades which have been part of Vanness culture for many centuries now. Among these various festivals you will find the Bastille Day in Vannes is celebrated on a grand scale.

Here you will see a fabulous spectacle where there are many colorful horse-drawn carriages and where the men, women and children are clad in lively and interesting costumes. And as part of the parade you will see a small zoo of live animals being taken along the procession route.

With so many interesting and lively events happening here in Vannes you will see why this city is so popular with the many visitors who come here. To make your dreams of seeing this city come alive dont wait any longer, just pack your bags and head over to Vannes in France.

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